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Akademie für Ganzheitliche Psychotherapie
Akademie für Ganzheitliche Psychotherapie
(gemeinnützige Organisation)
Fortbildung in trauma- und körperorientierter schulenübergreifender Psychotherapie

Trauma-Institut-Leipzig an der Akademie für Ganzheitliche Psychotherapie

Fortbildungszyklen für Traumafachberater und Psychotraumatherapeuten

Psychotraumazentrum Leipzig, e. V
Psychotraumazentrum Leipzig e. V.
SAFE®-Kurse - Sichere Ausbildung für Eltern zur Förderung einer sicheren Eltern - Kind - Bindung

We like to thank all speakers, visitors an the many helpers for the successful accomplishment of the symposium.

The organizational teams of TIL and PTZ



The symposium on “Perpetrator Introjects”, from June 16. - 20.2011, turned out to be the greatest success so far for the team of the Trauma-Institute-Leipzig and the Psychotraumazentrum-Leipzig (Psychotraumacentre-Leipzig).

Feedback of the participants confirmed that by putting up this charged issue and due to the choice of lecturers a highly interesting discussion for psychotraumatologists as well as for psychotherapeutic and counseling colleagues evolved.

Naturally it makes us proud that we can state this to be the first expert conference on the complicated issue of perpetrator introjects. We also found the exchange of the lecturers from the US, the UK and Germany exciting, seeing how all of them are specialists in their own field of expertise who in many cases for the first time engaged in personal discussions with one another at this event. The conference participants came from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany.

It was a premiere for us to be working with 4 interpreters, who not only interpreted English to German but also German to English for our international guests. This markedly went down well with those involved. Conversations during the breaks and the symposium-festivity showed how colleagues see similar as well as diverging sets of problems from their different horizons. Almost all participants agreed that diagnostics and treatment of perpetrator introjects of complexly traumatized / dossiciative patients will be an important focus of research of advanced psychotraumatherapy in the years to come and conferences like ours function as reason and incentive for this development.

At the conference festivity it became obvious that traumatherapists of all stripes enjoy exercise, contact and fun to self-caringly counter any burnout symptoms. The clowns from the “Leipziger Nasen” (Leipzig-Noses) and the cabaret-group surrounding Carolin Fischer (from the Academixer) supported this notion very well indeed. DJ Andy might have taken into account the former adolescence of most of the lecturers and so played lots of East- and West-Rock from the sixties and seventies. It was plain to see why the company that provided the barbecue, the Michaelis Catering, has been mentioned in the gourmet guide of Leipzig for years.

Back to the difficult main issue though! If you missed one of the lectures or couldn’t make notes we recommend that you consider the DVD recordings of AV-Record as lots of the lectures were brand new und can only be quoted and fully used that way. If you would rather own something substantially in Black and White we recommend the reference-book “Täterintrojekte” (ed. Ralf Vogt, Psychsozialverlag Gießen). An English version of the Book will be out in the near future. Alongside important conference papers of the above mentioned lecturers it will contain new research results of the Trauma-Institute-Leipzig, as well as a long in-depth article of the highly appreciated colleague Dr. Harvey S. Schwartz from San Francisco (USA) who is a distinguished expert in the field of dissociative / complexly traumatized disorders. Sadly he could not participate in the conference himself for health reasons but he wanted to support the cause of the conference anyway. Rounding off we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to him and to all of the lecturers as well as to the big and dependable group of conference-helpers!! Maybe we’ll see you again at the next conference in June 2013!

Have a pleasant time until then
Your Team TIL and PTZ Leipzig



Ralf Vogt
Ralf Vogt, Leipzig
Colin Ross
Colin Ross, Dallas (USA)
Lectures day 2
Innenhof, entspannen mit Qigong
Atrium, relaxing with Qigong
Colin Ross, übersetzt von Winja Lutz
Colin Ross, interpreted by Winja Lutz
Tilmann Moser
Tilmann Moser, Freiburg
Michaela Huber
Michaela Huber, Göttingen
Lectures day 3
Renée P. Marks
Renée P. Marks, Manchester (GB)
Renate Hochauf
Renate Hochauf, Altenburg
Ms Hoppe and Ms Bruns from PTZ Leipzig
Martin Sack
Martin Sack, Munich
Irina Vogt
Irina Vogt, Leipzig
Das Übersetzer-Team
The Interpreter-Team (Joachim Wiese, Dirk Sprenger, Mario Ebest
Joanne Twombly
Joanne Twombly, Boston (USA)
Schwein gehabt
Have luck
Ute Hedtke, Wiebke Bruns
Ute Hoppe, Wiebke Bruns, Leipzig
Mr and Mrs Ross
Mr Ross and Partner, Dallas (USA)
Winja Lutz
Winja Lutz, Leipzig
Wiebke Bruns
Wiebke Bruns, Leipzig
Gesprächsrunde in der Pause
Break talks
Desperate Clowns
Clowns: the shadow intrigues
Clowns: all together
Clowns: carefulness and admiration

Stormy Clowns

Wonderful puppety made by Ms Lange

Objects to touch and break talks

Many lively break talks

Carolin Fischer from the cabaret "Akademixer" performed at the Congress party

The congress participants had fun
Ralf Vogt, Kongessankündigung
Ralf Vogt, announcing next congress


Traumapotenziale iV Slander and Betrayal

the next Traumapotenziale-Congress IV

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