Körperpotenziale in der Psychotherapie 29.5. - 31.5. 2007 Leipzig
(Psychotherapeutic Potentials of the Body)
Interdisciplinary congress for bodypsychotherapy -
sciences of movements and sports and theire concerning fields
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movement therapy ~ attachment research~ dissoziation research ~ brain research
integrativ concepts ~ modern psychoanalysis ~ neuropsychology
sports sciences ~ psychodynamics ~ psychotrauma therapy ~ behavioral therapy


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Thoughts on the congress

How we would like to organise the congress:

We have endeavoured to invite researchers whose work has been well-received by both psychotherapeutic practitioners and practitioners who through continuous research - in addition to running a practice - have contributed to deeper insights into their particular field of work

With a view to involving both parties in the core problems of our profession one of the main aims of the congress will be to build bridges for furthering our understanding of our work. The (symbolic) language of movement, the body and the word will play an integrating part in all of this.

Where possible, pictures, re-enacted scenes or video extracts will be shown as a means of illustration by the speakers. Where relevant, the workshop participants will be invited to take part in stimulating group activities relating to the previously discussed therapeutic concepts.

Thus the congress members will be able to experience a far-reaching connection between research and practice and delve deeper into the working mechanisms of an integrative, body- and trauma-oriented psychotherapy from various different viewpoints:

  • therapist vs. patient
  • trainer vs. athlete
  • researcher vs. practitioner

We look forward to sharing our mutual differences!

E-language congress

English abstracts of all the presentations will be made available to all English-speaking congress participants.

An interpreter will be on hand for any queries that may arise. An interpreter may also be called upon for individual events - depending on the number of English-speaking visitors in the audience.

Headphones may also be made available if the number of foreign participants exceeds a certain level 10 weeks before congress start.

You can therefore enrol as an English-speaking participant and - as a foreign guest - pay your fee not until you arrive - the same discounts being of course in place for German- and English-language registrations.

More information on this will follow soon.


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